Heading Towards The End

I wish I had more updates , I feel like a broken record machine. But not much is new. This past spring break week I dedicated to formatting. Putting things into place now I believe will help me see the bigger picture in the end. In this case it will help me visualize just how I want my vignettes to look, read, and flow. The way it flows is the most important to me right now. Finished up the format for now and added the title page, dedication page, and the introduction to reader page. Now because those are done, I plan to edit and revise this week and next and then end the final note to the reader at the end of the vignettes. But yeah, that’s all I have to share for now. Staying as focused and as motivated as I can.

2/4 Update

This week bagel the actual planning of how I want to present my thesis as this will be a major part of hw it all comes together. I have decided that the best place to truly showcase my work will be through a WordPress. I want al of my content in one area.

I no longer like my idea of having multiple platforms as it may be to confusing and not truly be a great representation of the development of my thesis. I went ahead and created a new WordPress account strictly for thesis and each week I will begin posing the blogs I have already written to the page.

The actual writing of the blogs is taking me bit as I am going through alot of information to find topics that do not sound the same in context. I want these blogs to each have a unique topic within the realm of how parents introduce their children to tech tools and the ways in which this is enhanced through the Childs education progression.

This week I would like to get some ideas from my peers on the WordPress design and the topics that could be potential blog post. I want some outside opinions, so instead of saying work I will come with a key list of questions for my peers to help me bring my project together as a whole.

Moving Along…

This week I was a bit on a roll, after Monday’s class I wrote about two more vignettes that I am proud of. I won’t be surprised if the moment hits me again and I write another. However as of right now I am focusing on the order, and the structure in how I will present/submit my thesis. Dr. Zamora’s feedback last class was really insightful and helpful in understanding what is expected of my next. This process is not tedious but it is a bit challenging. I’m excited to see this come a bit more to life and maybe get even more inspired and write a bit more before my final final submission 🙂