4/15 Update

This week I have all blogs completed. It’s 25 all together. Overt the next two weeks I will begin posting them to Medium as I edit them. This feels complete as of now and I’m thinking of logo designs now to add to my page to give the entire project a theme. There really isn’t much to update at this time. I will share the link to my medium page. Right now there are 3 competed blogs there. As I work with the design I will ad this to some part of overall synopsis of the thesis and tell why I chose certain things during the finalization of my work.

Same old, Same old

No new updates this week. Busy working with my actual job and my second job (my thesis). Keeping the momentum going. I find I work better on weeknights after work or school. I just get in bed all cozy up and I get to work. It’s quiet and I am able to focus better. But yeah, that’s it for now. Just busy working.