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Twelve Blue Review

Last Thursday’s class introduced us to different types of literature, one being hypertext fiction. In that section, she gave examples, such as choose your own adventure stories and Twelve Blue. With that in mind, I came into this thinking it would be something like a choose your own adventure story. Plus, when I read the author’s description, it gave off that same kind of vibe. So heading into this e-lit, I was excited to see where my choices would take me.

This wasn’t that. You see numbers one through eight on the first page, and I picked one. The first story was full of metaphors, which was kind of distracting and made it hard to grasp the message and imagine what was taking place. There also was one hyperlink per page, or so I thought. Each page was a new story, and it lacked cohesion. Since I thought this journey would lead me to multiple possibilities, this was kind of disappointing.

As I continued, I eventually got to a page with no more hyperlinks. This had me lost, considering I had no idea what to do. On the side of the screen were these lines, kind of like wavelengths. I clicked on one, and it brought me to a new read. Eventually, I got to a story called Shipwreck and Lost Love. This was my favorite since it was the first story I actually understood. I enjoyed the Lisle and Javier romance that was bubbling. I also enjoyed the Salt Shores story, as it was adorable and had innocent charm.

As I continued, I hit another wall, a page with no more hyperlinks. All in all, this was slightly confusing but most unenjoyable to me. The e-lit world is all new to me, so naturally, this is a new experience, and I have to get the hang of navigating these experiences. However, outside of that, the content was hard to comprehend as the writing style made it hard for me to be captivated and appreciate it for what it was.

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