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Last blog post for the semester

Hello, this will be my last blogg this semester and i will say thank you to all the readers that have followed my journey trough e-lit class

This blogg post was original about the e-lit project “one star review” but for some reason the links tjat I have recived will not work. Ibthink maybe is because its some strange protection on the wi -fi i use, And I sadly didn’t had the time to go to a place there I got free wi-fi. For this i’m deeply sorry.

Instead I will write about my semester with e-lit class and my own e-lit project.

The e-lit class was alot of of fun I learned a lot of new stuff that I didn’t know about the world of e-lit. One of the best part of the class was the many different prenstations about all the different e-lit projects. I think this was a hreat way to let students learn and debate the different meanings of e-lit. Also to have the opportunity to make our own e-lit is a lot of fun. I’m really looking forward to se what all the different creative studens of the class will cook up. To day it short: this class is the most fun I had at the university so far


My own e-lit project is going good.  I have showed what I have so far to some of the other students and the feedback has been positive.

So far I have done the front page and 3 of the 4 lyrics page are done and the 4th is halfway done. For the own story pages tje layout for each page is done, but I need to put in the story.

If you are curious about whats song will be used. I can spoil that one of the songs are Pet shops boy “west end girl” and the personal story is connected to the lyrics and the song itself.

So sum it up, this semester have been a blast and the elit prject is going forward. See you soon

own e-lit update

In this week blog post I will talk about how my own e-lit project are going because i sadly missed this week class

The project are going forward and I have started to work on it. I will use notepad ++, html, css as tools for the project since I think it will work fine with what I have in plan.

As mention before I will try to make a textbased interactive collection about depression and mixed with song lyrics that will tell an personal story. The goal is have at least four different songs and stories, but I hope to get the time to have six stories, but time will tell.

So far I have on one the song lyrics finished and make the whole part ready before tomorrow class. The song lyrics are from the song “Red like roses II” by Jeff Williams and Is abouth a Daughter that deals with the lost of her motherroses

The way the reader will explore this part of the project is to hoover over the text to make the lyric clear. The reason why, It gives the reader time to read the piece of the lyrics alone and not with all the text. And also I think it looks cool. The last part of the lyrics will be cliable and will lead the reader to the personal story.


For the others part I have plans, but it will not be the same as  the Red like roses part, but I will try to make them uniqe based on the the theme of the song like red like roses lyrics are red on a black background focusing on the lyrics and not all is clear. I will try make the lyrics and story to make an impact on the reader, if I will manage that Im not sure, but i will try my best.

The next personal story I will make is actuall a my own personal there I had alot of troubel with my own mind and I found help in music (this is also one of the reason I will make this e-lit).  The song I will use is “Beyond the realm of death” by Judas priest. Since the theme for “red like roses” was red and black I will usee different colors and I will make it feel different, but at the same time have a similare feel. I will continue to work with html and css and hopefully it will work.

For the four other partsI know what I will write about and what lyrics I will use, but I will not spoil everything and you will just need to wait for the rest.


If some of you are intrested in HTML here are the project base HTML



And oh the template name for the project is “Beyond Roses and mirrors”

See you soon



Taroko gorge remixes and own work

New blog post and this time it’s about Taroko gorge remixes. This blog post will look at two different remixes of this populear e-lit, “snowball” and “along the Briny beach” to see what new they bring to the table

Taroko Gorge,” Nick Montfort’s 2009 nature poem has been the inspiration for many remixes. The original and simpel nature of the piece have inspiret many to make fun and interesting remixes of the piece like “tokyo garage”by Scott Rettberg and “snowball” by Alireza Mahzoon.

Snowball is in my opinion a fun and good remix of the e-litt. Instead just a green backgrou and and text. The e-lit have white-grey background with white text plus the text move atleast twise as fast and in a more poetick pattern inspired by the snowball style of poems. The reason I maybe like this more is that I like the winter and snow themes. The text generates faster is a good thing becouse thats meens you dobt need to wait and its more straith forward.  So In my opinionI like this remix becouse Its faster and the winter/snow theme make it apeall better to me.

The other remix is along the “Briny beach” by J.R Carpenter. In this remix J.R. Carpenter infused the original source code with coastal language, and used jacescript  to insert  beach themed texts and images into the generated page. This make the e-lit more interesting and change it personality alot. Personal I understand why the remix do it this way becoyse beach is fun with alot of things, but i think its to messy and all the pictures and text that scrolls on from the sides take awy from the real poem. This is personal and from a designer point of view the e-lit is great, but perdonaly its messy. Alot is going on and you constantly need to change focus on the screen.

A big question that comes up with this remixes is are fow creative are they and are they just copies of an already popular e-lit. My anwer to this is if the remix are true to the original (you can see what the inspiratoion are and how the original piece worked) and you give the remix an own personality the remix is something new. Whats cool about all the taroko georges remixes is that they gave the same look and work i  the same way, but they all have different personality thanks to what text generates and the color schemes on the page.


For my own e-lit project uppdate, I will talk about how I will talk about mapping ideas and how the project may interact with the reader.

The way I plan to have the mapoin on the project is that the reader star wiht 5-6 differents titles on the screen and they lead tho different stories. The plan right now is that If you press rhe title you will be exploring a song lyric that is important to a person and see different way you can interact with it. After a while the reader will come to the end screen of that lyric and the end screen will be a personal story from a person that have/had problem with deppresion and how the song helped them battle it.

The different song lyrics have all different tone and I will try to make the different ways fell unik and personal, but I will also try to make them have the same similaritys so its not 5 different e-lit in one


See you next week

Being @SpencerPratt and own e-lit project

Spencer Pratt has over 1 million followers, but what would happend if he lost his phone and it was founs by a british poet?

In 2013 was an on the TV show Big brother his twitter starting to post strange tweets. The tweets was strange for several reasons. First, on Big brother you are not aloved to have a phone or computere, second the tweets was about that he was Spencer Pratt and so on.

The mysterie man was revalede as Tempspence who was an obscure British poet. When he “found” Spencer Pratt’s phone, he sussenly got Spencer’s 1 million Twitter followers.

After three weeks there the followers and Tempspence played poetry gameson Pratts twitter, Pratt was done with the show was aloved to use his twitter again he saw his twitter and asked who the poet was.

It was later revaled that it was actuall Pratt himself with the help of Mark C Marino and Rob Wittig. Over the course of 3 weeks, Tempspence generated hundreds of Tweets.tjat Pratts follower played with and had fun with


My opinion with this e-lit is I think is really funny and intresting. I think is cool how a celeberty can engange his followers to actuall make Netprov, also netprov is a fun way to make poems. Netprov is a great way to make litrature and you dont know what you will get in the end.


Own e-lit project

For my own e-lit project I have plans to make a textbased interactive collection about depression. I will take inspiration from other e-lits like “Like stars in a clear night sky”. Im not quite sure how it should look like and what mechanics i will i use to engage the reader, but im a try and fail person that like to experience with differnt styles and tools so I get something done.

I will writte about depression because i think its a important subject to shine light on. Also in the three e-lit collection its almost a lack of works that are about this subject.

The text I will use (I think) is actuall not my own texts but lyrics from songs that helped me when I had a big problem with deppression a somethime ago. This Is maybe cheathing but I will make the reader fell how i felt when i’d listen to this songs.

To end this weeks blogg post heres is one of my favorite songs that helped my alot back in the days. See you soon



First of thanks to Dr. Mia Zamora that let me write about Konoll 2017 in this weeks blog. Second this blog post is late and short  because I having problem with an bacterial infection in my foot that im dealing with and having some problem with , anyway lets start.

Konsoll started with Jo-Remi Madsen talking about the 10 years of developing Owlboy and how about not to lose hope when you see no end in a project. For me this was alot of fun. As a studnet I hav alot of deadlines and its easy to lose hope, but like Jo-Remi said its not about have hope to finish a project but make it a goal to finishh the project and this can be hard.

The one presentation that I like most was Jake Elliot Plyful text. noe as an E-lit student I undersatnd how text can work in videogames and e-lit. Jake Eliott talket about how branching worked and how  you make different text choose with help of hypertext and patterne poetry. His game Kentucky Route Zero is a game that easily can be called an e-lit bcouse the game plot is about how you interact with people wih the help of text patterns. A eyeopener for me was when I talked with him after his speak about different generes and video games and E-lit was wheen I asked him what he tought about his game as an e-lit, he said: I like how different people can have different opinions about genre. I just make it, its up to other people to define what is it.” This was an eye opener for me because I have always tried to see the different in e-lit and videogames, but he said that hes just making a thing that he like and he dosent care what it is as long as he is happy. I think thats is importhant that people make e-lit pieces or videogames without thinking if it is this or that but just a thing that you happy with.


The rest of Konsoll was alot of fun I loved to talked more about it but his is all i manage right now. sorry about that and see you soon



Kuryokhin: Second Life 

Kuryokhin: Second Life is as I understand an simulator of Sergey Kuryokhin’s afterlife, a choose your based on the bio of the avantgarde composer and the one of the leader of Leningrad’s cultural life in the 1980s

The piece is a e-lit that borrows some game elements to tell the stuy. The way you navigate is the yse of hypertext there you vlick on words that brings you to the next page and continui the story. Based on your what you picked the three different meters may inncrease or deacrease.

Health: 5/10
Knowledge: 5/10
Madness: 5/10

This is the game element in this e-lit. I will call this a game element because thecrwader have can pick diffenrent ways to read the e-lit and thst effekts how you can read it. If you want to go to record music you need enough gealt point. If you want to do politics your knowledge may go upp but your health goes down. This affect the “gameplay”. I did go trought this e-lit 3 times and two of the times I needed to go to the hospital ho recover health. The third time I got to mouch madbess and I straight upp killed my self and nedded to start over.

I liked how this machanic is used. You need to make difficult decisions and see whats best for you. If you have 7 health points but only 4 knowledges maybe you can risk going to the politxal meeting and get moore knowledge. I think many people in real life feel like this, like you can choose to hang out with friends, this holds you madness level in check, but maybe you are tired and your health takes a hit.

In this review/reaction I have focused on the “gameplay’ and how different accepect of life can take away something but give something new in return. This is because I dont know to much about Sergey Kuryokhin and how his life was.  But I have got the understanding from this e-lit that he was a troubled soul abd I would love to learn moore about him


See you next time


My first reaction to pentametron was: is this E-litt and how does it work.

After looking upp and down on the twitter page I still didnt know if this was e-litt. I understand thats Pentametron is a bot that collect worda and then use algoritmer to make small poem like tweets, and tjats cool but where is the soul in the work. In other e-lit work like Hobbo lobo and Redriding hood there are alot if work and tought put in  to make it a toughtfull experience for the reader, but here its only random text.

After a while i found “I got a alligator for a pet!”
A novel by @pentametron. After i read the book it did make more sence sinze know I got to read something the bot did produce. Still the text inn the boon felt random, it was better structured and felt like real poems and not just gibberish. I will not compare it to poems master like Shakespeare but I can actuall see some likeness inn how the poems are lined upp. Like here

Why isn’t Tori Kelly famous YET?
Man Vs. Food in half an hour WOO
We’ll wright a letter to the ALPHABET
Allergic to retarded questions TOO

this is a classiv way to set up poems on there the last word rimes.

I dident see this connection inn the twitter feed, but inn the book it was clear as day. I dont know why but I did like the poems better in book form than on twitter. Funny right

To anwer the first question I asked. Is this e-lit and the answer is yes, because this is a bot that collect words and make poems out of them. Its simple and fun but still e-lit. Just to think that this bot has made enough poems to make a book is incredible.

I also mention that the twitter feed of the bot lacked soul and that I stand with, but the book have alot of soul and work but inn it. Eventough it is the same content the book (for me atleast) are more apealing and are funny to read and not just some random text on twitter

See you next week




like stars in a clear night sky

Hello this is my firts real blog post in Dikult 203 and its about my tought and reactions about  the e-litt “like stars in a clear night sky” by Shraif Ezzat.

A little diclaimer English is not my native language and im also part dyslexic  so expect some spelling and grammar error. sorry about that.

The work start with an Arbic voice telling you about diffrent story he knows and ask if you want to hear/read them. The voic speaks in arabic but theres english text that tell you what the voice says. After a short introduction you are free to explore the stars thats tells the story. I took this stories as to the type of lore often passed from parents to children, there the parents tell their childeren about their uncel and sister and so on.

I really liked the interface in this work since its easy to understand and eye pleasing. The interface are designed as an night sky with many stars there you need to look for the stars that tells the story.  A cool thing about the stars is, that if you restart or start over with the piece the stars change place. This make every read different and unique.

I started moving the cursor around and pointing it on the differents stars, and just as I had hoped ,some of the stars started showed me text and a story . The first text was the story about his unceld thats life was an test because he wasnt happy in his marriage. Beause I looked at these stories as stories for children (parents telling their kids stories about their aunt and the water) I didnt look for a connection in the different stories.  The way I see it, the story are only connected by the voice telling his family stories to you the reader.

To sum upp my experience with this work: I liked it alot. I think it was a great move to have the night sky as an template to tell the diffrent story, because there are infinitve stars and infinitve stories in this world. Also to change to location on the story stars was great because different places means different stories and experience. The main point for me was that I was able to explore a different colture in this piece. As a guy from Norway Im happy to se storytelling in an more arbic way  and how the stars are more importen in their storytelling and culture than mine.