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My elit project

At first I thought I wanted to make a Elit piece of my family, I just didn’t know what I was going to focus on. After I have thought about this for a while, I decided that I want to make a piece about my grandma. My grandma is 88 years old and she lives in Bergen. It just takes me 15 minutes to walk to her apartment. I therefore try to visit her as often as I can. When I´m visiting, she always have a lot of stories to tell. Stories from her childhood, stories of where she used to work, where she used to live, stories from my childhood and a lot more. She lived during the war, and that is also very exiting to hear about! She also likes to show old pictures and letters, which I think will be too cool to use in the piece. I also think that the pictures and letters is going to be some of the most interesting parts of my piece.  I gathered some photos from Google, just to show some of the kind of photos I was thinking of using:

Creepy-old-picture-1 f79455950e848423f6e1e0209099a8e3--old-letters-vintage-letters.jpg imagesphylis and adele 1940s orig.jpg

She has a lot of letters and photos, so that would be fun to look thru and use.

My grandma also writes in her journal every day, and she never forgets to write. I can therefore also use some journal entries in my piece!

So my idea so far is to write about her life and some of her life with me. I want to share her story! And it would be interesting to write about how she experienced the war etc…

I dont have everything planned yet, but I am thinking of using wordpress to make blogposts and links (like this for example; My grandma was born in 1929  …….). And then link them to each other. I dont know any other way I can do it…

I think this is going to be interesting for others to read about, and see real letters and pictures from her past. She has lived a very fascinating life, and I am very exited to make a piece about it! I hope you think this is a good idea too!

Taroko Gorge Remixes

Skjermbilde 2017-10-26 kl. 11.27.38

Skjermbilde 2017-10-26 kl. 11.34.10

For this blogpost I am going to be looking at the piece “Taroko Gorge remixes”: Toroko Gorge Remixes . As they write in the beginning of the editorial statement:” Inspired by a visit to Taroko Gorge in Taiwan, Nick Montfort’s modest, procedurally-generated poem has produced an entire subgenre of remixes, remakes, constrained writing experiments, and parodies. The original Taroko Gorge brings together the enormous scale and diversity of geological space with the recombinatorial potential of computation.”

The pieces in this collection of remixes are we going to check out  “Along the Briny Beach” and “Snowball”. Lets start with the first one.

Along the Briny Beach

In the authors statement it says; “Along the Briny Beach considers the conundrum of coastlines. The horizontally scrolling texts quote authors who are writing about coastlines to evoke a condition of being in between places. The vertical scrolling text is an adaptation of Nick Montfort’s Taroko Gorge.”

The first thing I notice is the text on the left side of the screen. It appears little after little down the page. When it comes to a certain point, the text starts to move upwards, more and more text appears. The text mentions waters, lagoons, iceberg, the sea, riptides, boats, floating, sea creatures… everything has to do with water, beaches.. things that we maybe think about or experience during a walk on a briny beach…?

Skjermbilde 2017-10-26 kl. 11.48.34

This text just keeps rolling. Other things is also happening here, text and sometimes images appears horizontally. This is randomly generated. Algorithm is always running in the background. Computer generates text through an algorithm. This is the part that is interactive – you can move your mouse over the screen, and when it touch the text, it either stops, or goes faster across. It is four lines with text and all of them moves in different speed. As Mia said in class, this is probably meant to mirror the waves that comes in and out on the beach? 

In one of the horisontal texts I noticed it is a story about a walrus, a carpenter and oysters.. The walrus and the carpenter meets a group of oysters;  “oh oysters come and walk with us” the oyster said.. They were hesitant to come with, but they did at last.. they walked along the briny beach together. they came to a rock, and all the oysters stood and waited in line.. wondered what they were going to do. … walrus put up bred and vinegar and said it was time to eat.  When they were done eating the carpenter said something like; oh oyster, should we leave? but no answer to come. he had eaten everyone. (or something like that, it was hard to remember the exact words.. but !! ALICE IN WONDERLAND! It is the exact story from alice in wonderland!! The story of when the walrus eats all the tiny cute oysters!!:


So funny. I really enjoyed this because I recognized the story!!

Okay. So now over to the next one; Snowball

“Snowball is generated by using words, colors and codes. The texture does not only resemble the coldness of autumn in snow, but also conveys a poetic concept regarding the flow of emotions as one feels and experiences in a snowy day. The slippery white poem in contrast with the gray backgrounds make you stumbling over the verses.”

Skjermbilde 2017-10-26 kl. 12.53.05

It is not as much happening in this piece as the briny beach one. The text appears the same way, but with no horisontal text or images. I notice that in the background it is code that is probably used to make this Elit piece, that is kind of cool. In this text it is about snow, just as the briny beach was about things that you can notice on a beach — this one is about what you notice when it is snowy outside. But this text is just moving in the same speed the whole time, we can not interact with this.. SO. I am not going to say a lot more about that, because this blogpost is long enough already.


Because I didn’t write any blogpost last week, I am going to write a little about my ideas for my Elit piece that I am going to make. I think I am going to use google documents with links, pictures, maybe drawings and text. This because I dont think I am able to do it any other way, at least I can’t think of any other way to make this right now. I want to make this piece about my family, my closest family — my siblings, mom and dad and my grandma. I have a big family and I feel like it would be cool to make a piece about them. Maybe with interviews about certain times in life that we enjoyed.. family trips maybe, and maybe a little bit about the personality to each of them.. I dont exactly know yet, but I am going to figure it out 🙂 

Thanks for reading!

Kuryokhin: second life

Skjermbilde 2017-10-15 kl. 16.58.58

SO for this blogpost I am going to write about Kuryokhin: second life. I was supposed to write about this one in my last blogpost, but I wrote about High Muck A Muck instead… Lena had a presentation about this piece already, but I am going to write my opinion about it anyways.. So now comes my review of Курёхин: вторая жизнь (Kuryokhin: Second Life)

Michael Kurtov is the author of this piece. He is a philosopher and writer. In the statement it explains that this piece is “a (meta)simulator of Sergey Kuryokhin’s afterlife, an IF loosely based on the bio of the avantgarde composer and the legendary leader of Leningrad’s cultural life in the 1980s and early 1990s. (Meta)simulator allows you to earn scores in health, knowledge and madness, while giving you opportunities to rethink the paths of the post-Soviet culture and politics. At a certain point one discovers that the unfolding story is just an attempt of media-archaeologists from the far future to reconstruct the lost simulator of Kuryokhin (hence the concept of metasimulation).”

Skjermbilde 2017-10-15 kl. 15.46.41  This piece is originally in Russian, but luckily for us – it is translated into English!

It is a lot of text in this story, and along the way we see links that are cooperated into the text. Sometimes it is just a few links, and other times it is many.. And as we read in the statement before we started to read it said that the whole point is to “earn scores in health, knowledge and madness”. So this is going to be interesting. What I also have noticed is that this piece can take a few minutes to go thru, or it can take you a lot longer time. You also need to go thru it multiple times, just to see if there is something you missed the other times. Another thing that you can think about is that if you remember what options you clicked the last time, you can click on different ones the next time — just so that you can see if the health, knowledge and madness changes differently.

Skjermbilde 2017-10-15 kl. 16.03.06

At the beginning, before you get to click on any of the options, you get a 5/10 on each of the stages.. and the further you go, it changes. If you get low on for example health.. you die. So you need to be careful!

Skjermbilde 2017-10-15 kl. 16.16.18

If you pick the wrong options, you can quickly end up in the hospital — and that is a place you dont want to end up. You can die there, and then you have to start over, all the way at the beginning. But as you can read above — I didn’t die that time, luckily I had enough knowledge to resist the disease and I recovered quickly — wohooo.

What we noticed when Lena had the presentation about this piece in class, is that you need to try the same links multiple times — because they can lead you to something you didn’t see the first time you tried to click on it. If you feel like you´re stuck, at least try to click on the link 3-4 times to see if it pops up something new.


What I didn’t like about this piece is that it can get a bit boring with just the text all the time. I personally enjoy pieces more if they have illustrations, pictures, colors, music etc..

What I really liked about this piece is that you kind of can create a story of your own, or at least you feel like it.. it kind of feel like you matter to the piece. I recommend trying it.. more than one time 😉


High Muck a Muck


Skjermbilde 2017-10-01 kl. 18.54.37

At the first page you can get a brief explanation of how this piece works and how you can go thru it, as they explain it — you can “Click on images to reveal poems, oral histories and short videos…. explore in any order and for any length of time.”

…Sounds interesting, lets begin! 

The first thing that is illustrated is a map, but its not just any kind of map.. its looks like a male upper body. We can see some blue dots, some of them have a stronger color than the other ones — and these ones are links to a new page.

Skjermbilde 2017-10-01 kl. 17.45.52.png

So now you just have to choose which one you want to start exploring. What I notice is that on all the pages it is the same kind of drawings — its drawings of trees, people and houses:

The artist has used light colors, which makes the images comfortable to look at. And when you move the mouse around the screen, you can easily see which one of the houses and people that you can click on. You either get to another page, or a poem pops up. It lights a green light around the image.

The poems that we can find throughout the piece, has different ways of unfolding. Some of the text in the poem appears little by little — and stay there. But sometimes when it appears a text, it disappears after a few seconds – but usually you have just enough time to read what it says. This means that you have to keep your eyes on the screen at all times — because, if you look away, some of the poems may have already vanished.

Skjermbilde 2017-10-01 kl. 17.55.16.pngAs they explained on the first page you also have the option to listen to oral stories. These you can listen to by clicking on the ear symbol. This symbol pops up on some of the poems – and it is easy to understand that this ear means that sound is going to play. The stories sounds like people getting interviewed. Someone is talking about chinatown and immigration..

Skjermbilde 2017-10-01 kl. 19.44.14.pngThe navigation is easy to figure out. It is a arrow in each corner – which means its always easy and possible to get back to where you started. It is also a “map” in the corner of each page – so you can get links to all the main pages in the piece.


I really liked this story!! All the pictures where nice, it was easy to navigate, it was cool to see the text appear — and then sometimes disappear… The whole story had a chinese look to it… the chinese signs in the menu and the colors and some of the buildings.. it was cool and comfortable to read and experience 🙂

The hunt for the gay planet

Skjermbilde 2017-09-27 kl. 10.53.29

Today I am going to have a presentation about anna anthropy´s Elit piece The hunt for the gay planet. Before I began going thru the text, I wanted to read the editorial statement; and I found out what the story was based on: 

“The work takes its premise from a mainstream online roleplaying game, Bioware’s Star Wars: The Old Republic, which in 2013 announced they were expanding their romance options in-game to include homosexual options, but only on a single planet in the galaxy. anthropy satirizes this decision with this beautifully retro piece, in which the player is invited to gradually explore the galaxy (looking under rocks and in caves) in search of a lesbian romance. The game serves as a powerful example of Twine’s potential as a platform for commenting on and engaging with AAA gaming, as Twine builds on the traditions of hypertext to allow for complex decision management and choice-driven experience design.”  (A Twine is an open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories)

The hunt for the gay planet is a piece that I feel is supposed to be funny, but obviously wants to make a point at the same time. Some of the things that is written is so stupid that it gets funny, but at the same time I feel like it is supposed to be over exaggerated just to make the point clear; that point being that it is just so extremely stupid that if you want to play a videogame with a player that is gay, you can only do that on one small planet in the game… and you would have to pay for it too??:  “The Hunt for the Gay Planet began as a spoof of Knights of the Old Republic‘s “Makheb” DLC (a planet in the game’s universe where gay characters existed and queer relationships were possible, available only by paid purchase)

This Elit is only based on text, there is no pictures or music, but the author anna anthropy makes it fun anyway, by adding a lot of options that makes us eager to know what comes next when we choose one of them. Anthropy is a really good writer, I feel like its me that is going thru space to find the planet. The story starts off with a woman just looking around trying to find her way to lesbonica, the gay planet… but the story gets more and more intense, and she gets more and more frustrated. We have to look under rocks, dig holes, go left, go right… where is that planet?? You can find out what happens next yourself –>  The Hunt for the Gay Planet 

Hobo Lobo of Hamelin

Just from looking at the first page of hobo lobo, I am intrigued. The storybook feeling with text that starts with “Once upon a time” and a colorful picture at top – very cool. We get introduced to the story with the text: “Once upon a time, in an age long forgotten because it was somewhat boring and contrived, there was this picturesque hamlet full of God-fearing wholesome people”.

On the top of the page you can see numbers, 1, 2, 3, 4… So I clicked on “2”: The picture change and a new text pops up. The image doesn’t just change like it would if you scroll thru pictures on your phone, It slides from one picture to another by things popping up and moving – soo cool and interesting, i can’t wait to see what comes next!

Skjermbilde 2017-09-10 kl. 22.22.13

At the third text I realize that this story isn’t for children – Skjermbilde 2017-09-10 kl. 22.32.35 This is going to be interesting!

I go to the next page and the page after that, I realize the story is about a mayor who is nervous about a election. He goes to a psychic, and what i really liked there is that the round glass ball that she looks into to see his future, it was moving stuff around inside it – almost like fireworks.

Skjermbilde 2017-09-10 kl. 22.35.07.png

After that, we I see “page 2”, so I clicked on it, a new chapter unfolds…

Skjermbilde 2017-09-10 kl. 22.42.50

“One day, a stranger came to town” 

Lets see what this stranger is up to. He opens up a shop in the market. He´s Hobo lobo! I forgot to mention the rat problem, this is what the mayor is mostly concerned about. And he goes to hobo lobo to try and get some help from him.

Skjermbilde 2017-09-10 kl. 23.16.17(And I get more and more impressed by all the images/drawings!! I love how detailed and cool they are.. also the colors use, it set a certain mood to the whole story)

A new chapter unfolds.. and sound appears, grasshoppers and birds in the background at night – I feel like I´m in the story. In the beginning of this chapter it doesn’t have text, only pictures – and the further we get, a harmonica starts to play louder and louder, I really enjoy this chapter.

Skjermbilde 2017-09-10 kl. 23.25.59.pngSuddenly the colors change from blue at night to red, and the pictures get creepy.. next chapter..

“Days went by and Hamelin was free from rats.” So.. Hobo Lobo solved the problem??, but the mayor took all the credit?? It seems like that. “A week went by and Hamelin was still rat-free. The mayor wasn’t coming by to pay the Lobo, so Lobo called the mayors’ office”

Skjermbilde 2017-09-10 kl. 23.31.59

The mayor and Hobo lobo is not on good terms. He refuses to pay Hobo, and throws him out on the street when he tries to talk to him. Hobo sues the mayor and the city government. It doesn’t go well….

“The judge demanded to see the contract in question and was not satisfied with the explanation that it was a verbal agreement. Lobo was deemed in contempt of the court for bringing up a frivolous suit.

What’s more, the mayor countersued the Lobo for blackmail and extortion and won—now he owed a large damage sum and the cost of two trials”

we then see the mayor is getting interviewed on a radio show… and on chapter 7…

Skjermbilde 2017-09-10 kl. 23.39.43

…the story ends..

.. music starts, and people walk in a line..

Skjermbilde 2017-09-10 kl. 23.40.50

And when you click on “more to come”, we get this information:

Stats: Updates happen on average every 23.3 days. Recently they’ve happened 72.3 days apart. Last update happened 1137.2 days ago… Ahem, I am probably very sorry stuff is late. I suspect I may have a good reason for it. Twitter or Tumblr may know more… Also, check out stats over time.

Its a long time since the last update… but! I really enjoyed this story. I loved the pictures, I loved the music, it didn’t get boring at all, some stories I just want to skip everything – but not in this case. I wanted to see and read everything! I loved it!


My first blogpost is going to be a analysis on the Elit piece RedRidinghood by Donna Leishman. This is going to be exiting, but also challenging.

Before we begin to explore, RedRidinghood gets introduced as a “playful retelling of the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale” and it even comes with an instruction: “To hear the sound, turn on the computer’s speakers or plug in headphones. Move the mouse over and click active areas to interact with the environment”. This should be fun, lets begin!

Skjermbilde 2017-09-03 kl. 21.50.26

The first thing i notice is the color scheme; red and black.. The red probably symbolize red riding hood, and the black makes the vibe kind of “scary”. I see a girls face, and she is telling me to read a book, she obviously wants me to click on it – and by doing that, the story starts.

I really like that this story is interactive, that the reader have to participate, and i also love that it is not hard to understand what to click on next… but if you get confused on where to click next, the mouse changes from a arrow to a hand icon on the spot that is a new link to the next part of the story.

Skjermbilde 2017-09-03 kl. 21.50.55 In this picture, the the arrow change when you slide the mouse over the window. Then you know thats where to click next.

The girls mom gives her a basket, and red riding hood is off to the woods to pick flowers for her grandma.. we see red riding hood walking in the woods with a wolf following her, and second later, a boy with wolf arms is next to her on a kick wheel while she is walking. The boy is liking his lips.

Skjermbilde 2017-09-03 kl. 21.51.20    Skjermbilde 2017-09-03 kl. 21.52.16

Red riding hood picks flowers and falls asleep. We get two options; “Shall red dream?” or “Wake her up!” — we have to make a decision! I am choosing to let her dream… lets see what happens next!.. oh no.. we had to wake her up. The “shall red dream” button didn’t work… I looked it up, and that button should work, but I tried it several times and it didn’t work any of the times I tried.. so I think that ruined the point of the story for me.

I clicked on the “wake her up” and then we see the wolf boy skates to the grandmas house and walks in. Red riding hood arrives with the flowers, she sees the wolf boy in bed.. but then suddenly she is the one lying on the bed… a person comes over (wolf boy??)…. touches her forehead.. and she has a baby in her stomach..??

Skjermbilde 2017-09-03 kl. 21.52.34

Did red riding hood and the wolf boy get a baby together?? When did this happen? Did they fall in love? What happened to the grandma?? OR is she dreaming??  So many questions..

The ending was so fast, so I had to watch it at least three times so that I could catch everything that was happening. It was kind of a weird ending, and i dont know what the authors meaning behind it is.. And I think I missed a lot of the point because the “dream” button didn’t work.