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First look at Elit – the reading experience of Twelve Blue

For the first 10 minutes, I was confused.

For the last 10 minutes, I am still confused.

What on the earth is this??

It is new to me since I have never read anything like this before. No button says next page so it takes me a while to find ways to turn the pages until I see there is one sentence highlighted and lined, I know where should I click 🙂

“So a random set of meanings has softly gathered around the word the way lint collects. The mind does that.” from On Being Blue by William Gass.

I think the most interesting thing about it is that each line in the picture leads to a story. In the left pane, the plot runs around the margins like ripped fabric. There are links there. The text on the right also contains passing links, but they vanish after being followed. Strangely, every time I click the margins in the left pane, there is different text emerges in the right, and I have no idea how it works like this, is there some certain logic it follows??

“She looked out on the creek and measured out the threads like the fates, silk thread in twelve shades of blue.”

This sentence punctuates the title, twelve blue, which is finally reflected in the text. I suppose the twelve blue lines, twelve months, and twelve threads all indicate the title. Twelve Blue investigates how the patterns of our life’ interconnected, many, and recurring surfaces are similar to those of the web, a year, a day, a memory, or a river.

These twelve blue lines appear to be independent, but they will interact together at some point. All the stories seem to develop in a single line, but at some point, they will also connect.

Above all, this kind of text stimulates my desire to explore as in hypertext the reader navigates a non-linear, branching narrative by clicking on hyperlinks to access new chunks of text.

☆Lucky to see you here ;-)

My name is Xinyu Cai, and you can just call me Sheena!!

I come from Hunan, China. And I live in Changsha, which is famous for its spicy cuisine and many tourist attractions. Speaking of it, I have to say that what I miss most is the food in my hometown. I have a typical Chinese stomach. I’m new here and I’m not used to American food. So I usually cook and eat by myself, steamed dumplings, boiled rice, fried egg, with chili oil, really very fragrant, hometown food can cure my day.

I have many hobbies, I like dancing, watching movies, taking pictures, and traveling. I have been to many Chinese cities, and I have left precious memories in every place. I believe that the meaning of photos is to make memories into film, like a time capsule, and whenever we see that photo again, the memories emerge. will take us back to the past.

I used to have a very depressing period. I was faced with a cramped and cramped room every day, thinking about my thoughts made me very depressed, so I decided to go out for a walk, see the outside world, and immediately booked a trip to Hangzhou train ticket. Maybe in the sunset of the West Lake, maybe in the lively party, maybe in the old street, I suddenly feel relieved, there are not so many things in this world worth spending time worrying about, living in the moment, Making yourself happy is the priority.

When I was in middle school and high school, I liked to read. Even in class, even if I didn’t sleep, I would secretly read books. But when I went to college, maybe the Internet was so exciting. I was used to surfing the Internet with my mobile phone every day, and gradually I lost the hobby of reading. I still like reading very much, but I can’t find the pure emotion of reading as before.

I think this class can combine my love of surfing the internet with reading and bring back the joy I lost.