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Like Stars in a Clear Night Sky…

So, for my first blog post for this class, we got to choose between three different Elit works;  –Like Stars in A Clear Night Sky, –Soliloquy, and –RedRidinghood. Me being both fairly new to the world of Electronic Literature and almost blind, I went for the first one. Like many of the elite texts I’ve come across so far you kind of go into it with both many and few expectations of what to find, annualize quickly wether or not they were met. This particular piece opens with a voice talking in a foreign language (no idea what), the voice is accompanied with a black background that slowly turns into a night sky filled with stars, and of course subtitles to translate what the voice is saying. Due to my vision loss I weren’t able to pick up everything he was saying, though I assume, after exploring te piece, he was talking about telling stories that concerned him about people and such that have had meaning for his own life.

After the voice had stopped speaking, and I were left to myself with the night sky full of stars, I started moving my cursor around, and just as I had expected, some of the stars showed me prompts to tell a story of his (the man with the voice). So by clicking on one of the stars I got access to the first story. The first story I got was about his sister and how she had met a man and they had fallen in love. But the story also revealed a backside to the happiness, both the disapproval of her parents, and the difference in their expectations of life.

After reading the first story, with was “written in the stars” in plain white text, I started at once “expecting” what would come next. Would it be a continuance of this story? A side story? Another perspective? So I moved on to another star and clicked it.

During the second story, my mind kind of wanted this story to be related to the first one I read, making me think for a second that this was the story of the man that had met the sister, but after reading on I realize this story didn’t relate at all, at least mot in the way my mind wanted it to. So I sort of “turned off my mind”, and pursued the rest of the stories, one by one, seeing if the I would grasp some kind of relationship between them.

But after reading all of them (I THINK I got them all) I sort of felt a connection between them, even though these were totally independent stories with no apparent relationships at all. The only thing they all had in common was exactly that, they were totally individual.

The feeling I’m left with after exploring this piece is that of when you stare into the night sky, wondering how people’s lives, or other events plays out on the other side of the world. The randomness of how you pick the star, or even the serene, almost primitive music in the background accompanied with birds tweeting about, actually did a good job of project that feeling in me. Almost as if I were in God’s position peeking into people’s lives. Just to observe…

I have no idea if this were the author’s intention, but I’m fairly sure I’m at least on to something here.


So until next time folks, Dannyboy is out 🙂