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Just a quick post to remind you that we are winding down our class time together (only three more in-class meetings left!!).  You should now be well into the on-going development of your own individual elit projects.  At this stage, you should have a developed concept for the piece, a concept “map” or outline for the design, and you also should have selected the digital tools you will use in order to make your final project.

For your blog post this week (due 13/11/17) you have a few choices: I invite you all to reflect on Kristoffer’s selection for elit review – the interactive fiction called Galatea by Emily Short;
-Or you can choose to write a reflection piece on your own elit development thus far; -or you can choose to write about your early investigation or foray into the #Netprov we have been invited to participate in called “One Star Reviews” (there is comprehensive information on how to participate on this website).

You will have one more blog post after this week (due 20/11/17).  For the final post, I invite you all to tinker in the Netprov “One Star Reviews” (write a whimsy review!) and then write up a reflection of your experience adding something to the fun #netprov project.  This will be a great way to wrap up your #elitclass blog.

For class this week, you have been broken up into small working groups, and you will have informal presentations in those groups to present and troubleshoot your developing elit projects.  Here again is the breakdown of your working groups and the dates for your mini-presentations to each other in class:

Sophie – Mette – Marlene:  Monday, Nov. 13

Daniel K – Maren – Kristoffer:  Monday, Nov. 13

Lene – Robert – Lisa:  Wed. Nov. 15

Daniel S – Frederick – Marie:  Wed. Nov. 15

On the day you are not slated to present your work-in-progress to your team, you should use the class time to work on the project project in class  You can rely on your team if you need some support or need to brainstorm further.

See you all soon,

Dr. Zamora


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