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Getting Started

I was so happy to welcome all of you to #elitclass last Thursday evening and take a bit of time to acclimate to this course together. It was great to see you in person as we start to get to know each other a little bit. Here are the “Welcome to #Elitclass” slides that I used to guide us through the evening:

A review of some of the things we have accomplished so far:

-We have connected in person and established a sense of the course together.

Some of your feeling on the day of our first class….
Some thoughts on what brings you all energy….

-We talked/walked through the course website and syllabus.

-I have presented an overview of where to find our primary readings: the Electronic Literature Collections.

This coming Thursday evening, we will do some more connecting and getting to know each other, and I will start our semester-long discussion of electronic literature by sharing an overview of some of the most recognizable genres of electronic literature.  This understanding of the general  #elit “categories” will serve as a foundational vocabulary for our overall exploration of electronic literature throughout the semester.  

-We will look at our Course Calendar together, and we will plan our presentation schedule a bit. And we will discuss the electronic literature review assignment that each of you will share as a presentation in class during the semester.

Your to-do list for next Thursday when we meet again:

-Please create a free WordPress blog.  Each week, you will be writing a reflective blog post that captures your writing and learning process for the week.  Please send me the URL (web address) for your WordPress blog by filling this form out by Thursday, Sept 8th.  In addition, please create a twitter account and get ready to tweet you thoughts about #elitclass. We will use the hashtag #elitclass to grow our connections and share glimpses into our individual writing processes. 

I will feed your individual blog sites into our course website, so you will all be able to access and read everyone’s weekly blog posts on the course website under the tab “Student Blogs”. You can also post a short blog which shares a brief introduction to who you are (in whatever way you feel most comfortable introducing yourself).

Looking forward to seeing you all next week,

Dr. Zamora

Welcome to #elitclass

Welcome to “Writing Electronic Literature” also known as #elitclass. Soon we will meet each other for the first time as a class, and embark on a journey that will be transformative for all of us.  Some of you might have an idea of what Electronic Literature might be, while others are really not clear.  Some of you might feel relatively self-confident in a technological environment, while others might feel more than a bit of trepidation.  Whether you fall into one of these categories or the other, I guarantee you will have fun, be inspired, and learn a great deal in this class.  You will learn many practical things, like how to work with new technologies that you have never been introduced to before.  But more importantly, you will all learn more about yourselves.  You are invited to jump into a new realm and explore and discover.  And you will have ample chance in this class to exercise both your analytical skills and your imagination.

I look forward to connecting with all of you soon, as we discuss what this course can mean to all of us.  We will begin by collectively considering what literature is, and what new media and the digital realm might offer to expand our understanding of what literature can be.  Throughout our class together, this website will be our “home base”, and soon each of you will have your own linked blogs which will be syndicated here on this site under “student blogs”.  In the beginning, we will take it slow, and spend the time necessary to acclimate you all to this new world of digital storytelling and electronic literature.

This website is the e-location for our work together. The site will house our collective reflections, our resources, and our continuing conversation throughout the semester.

Here are a few videos to get that conversation started:

“How to Read A Digital Text”

“E-Literature Explained”:

Can’t wait to get started on a new journey with all of you. See you soon!