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4/22 – Update

This week I feel confident as I being to go through my final edits and start posting moth blog page. Each day for the next 2 weeks I will be going through my 30 blogs written and my final edits and post them here. I have no particular order but the topics range in different themes for parents and educator alike for different views of tech. I have actually added about 7 different works to my literature review at this time which is basically done. The last 2 weeks I will spend finalizing and posting my blogs. No real updates here just finishing up. I will also edit my logo for my Medium page. That is in the works at his time. The one posted now is temporary.

4/15 Update

This week I have all blogs completed. It’s 25 all together. Overt the next two weeks I will begin posting them to Medium as I edit them. This feels complete as of now and I’m thinking of logo designs now to add to my page to give the entire project a theme. There really isn’t much to update at this time. I will share the link to my medium page. Right now there are 3 competed blogs there. As I work with the design I will ad this to some part of overall synopsis of the thesis and tell why I chose certain things during the finalization of my work.

Same old, Same old

No new updates this week. Busy working with my actual job and my second job (my thesis). Keeping the momentum going. I find I work better on weeknights after work or school. I just get in bed all cozy up and I get to work. It’s quiet and I am able to focus better. But yeah, that’s it for now. Just busy working.

4/7 – Update.

So I know for sure I will have more than 15 blogs. I am going through my early written blog post trying see the best ones to put with the new ones I have comprised. 10 new ones to go with the 6 I have written and I have about 8 ore I want to write. Below I will put my blog post topics so you can see why I am I having a bit of trouble picking what is most important that I want to share because this topic has many great details in it.

Below you will see the blog topics below I am focusing on and a little detail about each once.

  • Effective Communication Channels Between Parents and Schools: Discuss various communication channels used by schools to keep parents informed about their child’s education, such as newsletters, emails, apps, and parent-teacher conferences. Provide tips for maximizing the effectiveness of these channels.
  • The Role of Technology in Parent-School Communication: Explore how technology facilitates communication between parents and schools, including the use of parent portals, messaging apps, and online gradebooks. Highlight the benefits and challenges of using technology for communication in the educational context.
  • Building Positive Relationships Between Parents and Teachers: Offer advice on fostering positive relationships between parents and teachers, emphasizing the importance of open communication, mutual respect, and collaboration in supporting children’s learning and development.
  • Parent Involvement in School Activities: Discuss the significance of parent involvement in school activities and events, such as volunteering, attending parent-teacher association meetings, and participating in school fundraisers. Share ideas for encouraging and facilitating parent engagement.
  • Parental Engagement Strategies for Busy Parents: Provide practical tips for busy parents to stay engaged in their child’s education despite hectic schedules, including leveraging technology for communication, prioritizing involvement in key school events, and finding alternative ways to support their child’s learning.
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences: Making the Most of the Meeting: Offer guidance to parents on how to prepare for and make the most of parent-teacher conferences, including questions to ask, topics to discuss, and strategies for addressing concerns or questions about their child’s progress.
  • Using Technology to Support Learning at Home: Explore how parents can use technology to support their child’s learning at home, such as accessing educational apps, online resources, and interactive learning platforms. Provide recommendations for age-appropriate educational technology tools.
  • Digital Citizenship and Online Safety Education: Discuss the importance of teaching children about digital citizenship and online safety both at home and in school. Offer resources and strategies for parents and educators to educate children about responsible digital behavior, internet safety, and privacy protection.
  • Parenting in the Age of Remote Learning: Address the unique challenges and opportunities of parenting during periods of remote learning, including managing technology use, supporting children’s remote learning experiences, and maintaining a healthy balance between screen time and offline activities.
  • Parent Workshops on Technology Integration in Education: Explore the idea of organizing parent workshops or webinars focused on technology integration in education, covering topics such as digital literacy, online safety, and strategies for supporting children’s learning with technology at home.
  • Parental Concerns About Screen Time and Technology Use in Schools: Address common parental concerns about excessive screen time and technology use in schools, discussing strategies for finding a balanced approach that maximizes the benefits of technology while mitigating potential drawbacks.
  • Promoting Digital Wellness for Families: Offer tips and resources for promoting digital wellness and healthy technology habits within families, including setting boundaries around screen time, fostering offline connections, and modeling positive tech behaviors as parents.

I lied

Not technically, I know I said I was on revision mood. But for some reason over the week since I’ve been off from work (spring break) I’ve been in a real creative mood. Now, when that happens you have to take full advantage. In my head for the last two weeks I had a sentence starter that I would constantly repeat in my head over and over, “It starts in middle school.” I knew I had to sit down so I can actually finish that thought. And well that thought became a thought! Wrote another vignette, it’s rough and it needs some love. I’m not sure if I fully love it yet (especially the ending) but feedback is appreciated. I might even want to read this for the Spring Symposium. Regardless, here is a new vignette.

Comparison is the Theft of joy

It starts in the middle school playground. You line up next to your classmates during recess as you prepare to head back into class. A time you take a moment to catch your breath as you were busy running around playing with friends. But it’s also a time the boys take a moment to rank the hottest girls in the class. Nervously, you avoid eye contact because you know you’ll never be picked. And just as you’re about to walk back inside, your friend turns around to tell you that you won second place. Second to her of course. You put your head down with shame as she is overgleed that she won first place. You look at her with admiration because you see what the boys see, but you also look at her confused, how did I even make the list? She resinsures you not to be upset about winning second but in the same breath she tells you to hike up your skirt more, wear some blush, and to start holding your books to class more differently. Because maybe just then you’ll appear more attractive and less geeky.  

It continues in high school, when the boys you like entertain you because you have a fully developed body like a twenty five year old. But then comes the fast sixteen year old girl, and the boy you thought liked you for you was gone walking another girl to class. She is a fast one, but you don’t see that. Instead you see a girl who is prettier than you. But still you continued to move slowly, a late bloomer as society would call it. That phrase never had a positive connotation about it. Not for men and certainly not for women. Because if you were a late bloomer you probably were never going to get a boyfriend and boys probably wouldn’t like you, but you would make your parents proud. But if you were a fast one, well then you were for the streets. And no man wants to wife up a hoe. And all that finding a nice guy who will like you for you is bullshit. Because I didn’t find him at the coffee shop or at the library. So that was a waste of a membership. 

It doesn’t end when you reach your twenties. Because now women have money for BBL and you are constantly reminded of all the competition you now have. Middle school ranking doesn’t seem that bad after all. These women can be found at the bars, clubs, targets, and in your man’s following. And so now you’re looking into surgeons in Miami, but you don’t have Miami money. So instead you’ll pick a fight. An internal one. A fight that you’ll never stop having with yourself because why weren’t you picked first place in middle school and why can’t you now have the perfect body and face? 

I believe it continues after your forties. Because as lines start to become more and more visible and skin starts to move with gravity, there is this overwhelming urgency that it needs to be stopped. Because even though those lines show that life has been lived, others can not know that. We still need to be beautiful so we can look good for our age. Probably still want to be beautiful even after death, because I’m sure there are still more women to compare to in the afterlife.  

I don’t think comparison is something we voluntarily implement for ourselves. But it is something that is the most difficult to stop. Because sure there are self help books that teach you to love yourself as you are, but there are also books that teach you the reason a man cheated on you was because you lacked something. Women spend their lives on a voyage quest to find what it is that they are lacking. Because only then, they will be able to fully love themselves. It goes over our heads, because what we truly lack is our sense of self. But if you stay too busy looking in all the wrong places, you never find it.

4/1 – Update

I spent the 2 weeks finalizing my blog post topic list and creating 6 blog post. I have confidently given a lot of thought to the topics, based on my thesis presentation the week prior, as well as just coming to an understanding of the information I want to present to my audience.

I noticed the first blogs I began writing are more on of the overall theme behind my thesis. I wanted to use this time to narrow my topics of each blog to be more specific to the many aspects I can cover with this technology conversation I am trying to engage my audience in.

This weekend I specifically worked on 2 blogs one based on screen time guidelines. I went and did some searching to find research-based recommendations for screen time limits and how parents can effectively manage their young child’s screen time appropriately. I feel this blog can act as a tool for both parents and teachers, as it can set a standard for the use best use of screen time learning opportunities.

The next blog I worked on this weekend looked at the role tech plays in Parent-School communication. This follows the previous blog I spoke about nicely. It speaks on the the ways in which technology helps not only the young children, but the also the parents, who are able to communicate with the school for various reasons.

Overall all I feel as though this 2 weeks was very helpful as I was able to organize my ending strategy to achieve the information I want to present, and the voice I want to use a writer.

Heading Towards The End

I wish I had more updates , I feel like a broken record machine. But not much is new. This past spring break week I dedicated to formatting. Putting things into place now I believe will help me see the bigger picture in the end. In this case it will help me visualize just how I want my vignettes to look, read, and flow. The way it flows is the most important to me right now. Finished up the format for now and added the title page, dedication page, and the introduction to reader page. Now because those are done, I plan to edit and revise this week and next and then end the final note to the reader at the end of the vignettes. But yeah, that’s all I have to share for now. Staying as focused and as motivated as I can.