Jumping into the World of Elit

Jumping into a new world…

Again, it was great to see you all last Wednesday evening, and I feel like slowly but surely we are getting to know each other a bit more and starting to connect. It was a pleasure to read all of your introductory blogs, and our in-class “Story of Your Name” exercise was another window into who you all are. I really enjoyed that part of classtime together, and despite the fact that we are “online-only” I am feeling a growing sense of connection as we build a sense of trust and community together (…slowly but surely). I am also glad we covered some basic tips on how to use twitter (and our class hashtag #elitclass) in order to grow a PLN (professional learning network). Over time, I am sure you will all gain more confidence in this aspect of our asynchronous learning together.

Here are the slides from last week:

You are welcome to review these slides that cover an introduction to the most prominent genres of electronic literature (and they include some links to examples of each genre highlighted). This understanding of the general  #elit “categories” will serve as a foundational vocabulary for our overall exploration of electronic literature throughout the semester.  

The Electronic Literature Collections

Surf the Electronic Literature Collections (Volume 1, Volume 2, & Volume 3)!  Just peek around and open up different texts to discover what awaits you there.  Start to search for a few texts you might want to choose for your review presentation.  Make a mental “shortlist” of your top choices to work with, as we will settle our “Elit Review Presentation” schedule next week. As you look through the Electronic Literature volumes this week, please notice the expectations & strategies you bring to the texts. What do you like & why? What frustrates you and why?  Remember to be open to new experiences, because they are there, …just waiting.

Your “to-do” list for next class:

Read Pressman’s “Navigating Electronic Literature”.  This essay is located in “About Electronic Literature:  New Horizons for the Literary”.

-Read Twelve Blue by Michael Joyce for 1 hour.

-Your second blog post is due.  Please write a reflection about your Twelve Blue reading experience in relation to Pressman’s article about reading elit.

-Please email me with: -two possible dates for your forthcoming presentation; -your first and second choice for your electronic literature selection from one of the ELCs for presentation.

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